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Help pre-college, college, and college graduate students overcome the doubts and questions presented by their academic and professional career journey by providing high quality professional coaching through our e-learning platform made affordable to you.

Are you confused about your academic or career goals?

Are you having trouble with:
- Starting your college application
- Choosing a major
- Choosing a graduate school
- Making the move to change or improve your career
- Making progress in your professional development
Then You came to the right place!
We are here to help! We will guide you on your journey to college, graduate school and make the next move to improve your professional career.

  • Learn at ease in less time

  • Quick techniques to rapid progress

  • Unlock possibilities for your career

  • Build a life you deserve

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What we do at Lead with Dr. W,

Lead with Dr. W is a resource center for all your questions about college and post college journey. We provide specialized support for all individuals, focused on professional development topics and quick tips for career progression. Supportive one on one coaching focused on your college and professional goals. Get the expertise you need from a higher education professional with over 10 years of experience.

  • Resolving your questions

  • Monthly Webinars

  • Coaching

  • Learn from an expert in the field

Dr. W brings her expertise to Lead with Dr. W.

Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski has spent the last decade in higher education.
She brings a unique mix of experience, training, and real-world application to the classes and coaching.
Get the real answers that you need to advance in college and career.
Dr. W has firsthand experience of working navigating through college degrees and early career struggles.
Get your questions answered and avoid confusion.

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