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Take webinar style courses that focused on skill development and training

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Dr. W. was recently featured in the Homegrown CT series of the Metro Hartford Alliance and Innovation Destination Hartford


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Dr. W brings her expertise to Lead with Dr. W.

Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski has spent the last decade in higher education.
She brings a unique mix of experience, training, and real-world application to the classes and coaching.
Get the real answers that you need to advance in college and career.
Dr. W has firsthand experience of working navigating through college degrees and early career struggles.
Get your questions answered and avoid confusion.

From the Lead with Dr. W. Community

“Lead with Dr. W is the premium platform for collegiate academic services. Dr. Lisa Wisniewski has created an infrastructure that connects students with resources and tools necessary to enhance one's understanding and preparation for college level ready courses. It is through Lead with Dr. W that students can get the assistance they need to excel and thrive in the present as well as their undergraduate and graduate career. I fully recommend Lead with Dr. W and I can positively say that no student will regret it after experiencing it for themselves.”

Kevin Anglade (Adjunct English Instructor)

“Great and innovative initiative! Highly recommended! ”


“I also want to thank Dr. W. for her endless help and guidance throughout my research.”


“ From personal experience as a first-generation student, I encountered so many obstacles on my own. I wish I had someone’s guidance and helping hand before attending college, but I like to think that everything happens for a reason. I’m just super glad I reached out to you and you helped me without hesitation! Truly means a lot and I hope you know that your helping hands will help so many other students, just like they helped me! Thank you so much again! ”


“Dr W guided me through the stages of my dissertation. I had a major lack of clarity and she was able to help me get back on track. Would highly recommend her for someone struggling to write their thesis or dissertation. I’ll be submitting my final manuscript this week and damn does it feel good. Thank you Dr W! ”


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